Well Worth The Wait: Jahzara’s Birth Story

No back story on this one, unlike her brother, however her coming into this world is just as eventful and important to me. She definitely came when she wanted…. no matter what I did. So here goes…

Ok Ok Small Small Backstory…

Jahzara was due on April 8th, 2018. I wanted to be 1000% prepared this time so that on the off chance she were to arrive early, there would not be any added panic.

By week 37, I was bored. I was over it. I had left work for maternity leave, had my baby shower, got my hair braided, got my nails done, washed all the baby clothes and put them away, all baby furniture was up, hospital bag was packed, no longer taking Xion to nursery in the mornings, my pelvis was heavy, I was round and fat, it hurt to walk, it hurt to sit, it hurt to breathe.. I was just a walking ball of uncomfortable.

Side note: Remember, I had Xion at 35 weeks, so although I felt some discomfort, I had not experienced the “I’m over it” period of pregnancy. It also didn’t help that I was running around after a small person as well. Anywho…

If I remember correctly, around the end of March, I felt as though she was playing hide and seek with me. One minute, I thought she was coming, the next all pain would cease and she was just kicking away like she didn’t just have me making calls and checking everything in the hospital bag was packed lol.

By week 38, my mucus plug came, this was in the slowest of slow motions, it took around three days I believe to completely come through. I saw my midwife who informed me that I was 2cm dialated, which was normal for someone who has already had a child and just shows my body is preparing itself for her arrival.

From then on, there was alot of hide and seek. I began to believe that since I had an early baby then it only makes sense for me to have an overdue baby, so I started to panic and do my googles “ways to go into labour instantly”. I tried a few things, long story short, they didn’t work. This included a series of squats, lunges, star jumps……and the running man (90s and 2016) which led to a near death experience followed by a two hour nap.

I really did not want her arrival to clash with anyone else’s birthday except my grandad’s birthday (April 1st). Once that date passed, she had the 2nd, 7th and her due date. I should have discussed this with her.

The Night Before…

On April 5th at around 11.30pm, I had a mad urge to clean. Xion was in bed and I wanted the house clean. So my partner and I got to cleaning. During the cleaning, I was greeted with a dull pain but with regular hide and seek, I chose to ignore it. However, everytime I bent down, there was a sharp pain in my back but again I ignored it. It wasn’t until I was having my shower that I thought “Well damn, this is persistent”. But still… I continued not to panic or think too much of it. So I laid on my side in bed, in silence trying to listen to my body, my partner was in the background having the time of his life watching videos on youtube. Then I said, “I think I’m in labour” … there was a small gap of silence whereby then he replied… “Are you sure?”. My answer was no and I got my contraction timer out and started timing. The first ten minutes was a bit inconsistent so I thought I would do it again, at this point, the pain had increased but was still bearable. The second 10 minute interval show that the contractions were between 3-5 minutes apart. I didn’t want to go to the hospital to be told to go home, but after some googling it was advised that someone who has given birth before should not delay going to the hospital, at this point.

So, as I got my things prepared, my partner started to make some calls. Luckily, his sister was awake and with his nephew’s mum, who was able to meet us at the hospital. On the way to the hospital, although in pain, I was so excited, I had to remember to tell myself to breathe. Luckily, my partner was steady on the speed bumps now, this time. I guess he now understands that my pelvis is not made of stainless steel. We put Xion into the car, said our farewells and walked over to the hospital…. or should I say hobble. No wheelchair this time, just a slow walk and two stops to the toilet. We got there around 2:30 am.

When Labour was confirmed…

At this point, It really did hurt now. I was told to undress so that I can be examined. As she looked and prodded, I thought to myself that I must be around 5-7cm dilated by now, she’s nearly here and that the pain will all be over soon. When the nurse told me I was only 3 cm dialated, I could have kicked her in her face. But that’s the inner Dionne not the loving, kind one that we all so love and know. But, really I was highly annoyed to say the least.

They gave me gas and air, which was glorious. My partner and I were passing it back and forth getting high lol. That was my favourite part of my labour, at this point, I only felt uncomfortable nothing else.

The Labour…

All I remember from this point is that the pain got worse. I mean unbearable cannot even describe. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say 50. It was HORRID! Ir was a sequence of dull to sharp to dull to a REAALLLLY sharp cutting pain then subsiding for what felt like 5 seconds. I could literally feel her moving through me, this was NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like Xion’s labour. All I could think was what have I done to deserve this.

And again the rest is a blur, so here is a short statement from my partner…

“She got up about 5-15 times and kept crying about the pain and saying that her bodies being torn in half. The nurse and I tried to get her to sit down but she wasn’t having it. One minute she was on the exercise ball. Then next she was in the toilet, just sitting there. She really wasn’t listening to anyone. She no longer wanted gas and air, so I sat in a corner with it and used it for my own purposes and let her do her thing. The midwife gave up too. We all came back together when she was ready to push.”

So you can see I was a mess.

I can remember having the dirtiest potty mouth. If my parents were around an exorcism would have been practised there and then. I remember apologising every time I swore but at that time those were the only expressing words. I was shocked myself lol.

I also remember saying my waters broke. But it wasn’t my waters… but let’s not digress lol…

I rejected the epidural only because I heard about back pain after birth and I already had back pain from Xion’s labour. But I did get the injection in my thigh. I don’t think it did anything if I’m honest.

After what felt like 52 centuries, I told the midwife that I needed to push. She chuckled and said, “Miss it’s only been about four hours you don’t need to push”. I looked at her dead in her eye and said, ” I need to push and I need to push now. She is here.” So she took me over to the bed, where I was examined and she indeed confirmed that yes, it was time to push.

The pushing part was great. It was more of a relief than anything else. I lead there and listened to my body and with every contraction I pushed. And about 3-5 pushes later she was swimming in her amniotic sac. It was beautiful like a soft marble. Then it was popped and she came out all grey and mucus covered.

Jahzara was born on April 6th, 2018 at 6:49am.

My babes!

Again my famous question was “Did I tear? Did I tear?” But that dreaded placenta needed to come out, which looked healthy and had no cause for concern.

No rips. Thank God.

And then there was two… thinking about the day feels so surreal that six months ago, I did all of that.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed today’s read, please feel free to comment, like, follow and share.

Until next time…

Dionne x

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