Cuatro, Cinco, Seis

Jahzara is six months old now.. six and a half months to be precise. I really can’t believe that I gave birth to her six months ago, it feels super weird.. time has flown by really fast. 

As I said in my previous update, “Un Dos Tres”, I really haven’t had any difficulty with Jahzara at all. I understand most of her crying cues, however she does become quite fussy in the evenings whether fed or not. This has been happening over the passed two weeks but it’s really not that deep for me or every night. She is a really cool little girl. 

In my opinion, her personality shows me that she likes to smile, laugh and learn new things but don’t mess with her. She can really shut it down, I mean all smiles and laughs will stop and she can be really serious when she’s ready lol. Sound familiar? Like mother like daughter maybe? Lol. 

So let’s get into it.. 


In her fourth month, I did come across a couple of growth spurts, which lasted longer than the usual few days. My natural reaction was that my milk supply wasn’t enough but I persisted and they eventually died down and feedings went back to normal.

By the middle of her 5th month, she made it very clear that she was ready for food. From small tantrums to persistent eye contact whilst you ate, it was pretty clear we had to get the purees in. I started, firstly, with fruit purées which was really good, then all of a sudden she started to spit it out and became upset when I gave it to her. So, I switched to vegetables and that was worse. So I stopped and introduced porridge. (Cow & Gate Creamed Porridge, which I personally think is lovely and also a nice low calorie snack for yourself when you’re peckish lol.) She loved that, so I then started to introduce rusk. I did again Try vegetable purées and fruit purées but she just wasn’t having it. For a while, she was really just eating rusk and porridge which I thought was ridiculous but after speaking to a few mums, if first you don’t succeed, try again. After introducing fruit and vegetable purées for the third time, I can now say she loves them and is ready to start getting involved in some of our dinners which I’ll be introducing next month. That should be fun!


She received her last set of injections and soluble madness in the middle of her fourth month. Although, she gave a squeal and not so much of a cry afterwards, she did react worse to her last immunisations compared to the first two. She didn’t really have a temperature but she was a moody baby for a few days and unfortunately suffer with diarrhoea, which was rather disturbing. However, by the end of that week she was back to normal. No more injections for her until school age, with Xion the same thing was decided so it’s only right that we follow suit this time.

Night Times

I thank God, because he knows I love my sleep. Jahzara naps two to three times in the day, usually around the same times but even if the times are slightly off, she will always be is down every night by 10 pm maybe 10:30pm latest and I am oh so grateful. Very rarely will she wake up in the night. And when she does wake up it will be between 5 am and 6 am which is absolutely fine because on a Monday to Wednesday, especially, that is the time I am meant to be up. 

So yes. I am grateful. However, that could go out the window at any moment for whatever reason. She will be going into her brothers room in the New Year. It’s going to be weird but it has to happen eventually.

Things that JahJah loves: 

  • Anything that will aid to her itching gums. There are no teeth yet but the more things that go into her mouth I know they are definitely on their way. 
  • Mr Snuggles. So she has a comfy at first it was cute but now it’s necessary ABSOLUTELY necessary he is by her side at most nap times but HAS TO BE by her side at bed time. 
  • Aladdin and Lion King. More Aladdin than anything, if you put it on she is FIXED. 
  • She can now sit up and slide on her belly so she likes to go for small adventures up and down the living room at the moment. I got to the baby gates in because once she starts crawling she will follow her brother everywhere, I can feel it lol. 

I currently read to her, that is between reading my own books out loud and reading children stories. I will start introducing ABC, colours and number books shortly.

So yes, that is the update on the additional three months of Jahzara’s little life. I will be back with a “Siete, Ocho, Nuevo” for you in three months or so 😉

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Thank you for reading… 

Until next time…

Dionne x

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