Travelling: Without the kids

When parenthood becomes a new category in your relationship, it can be easy to forget the importance of your union at times. And yes baby/ies are priority above all else, don’t get me wrong, but so is the union between yourself and your partner.


I had noticed that this was the case with my partner and I, after Xion was born and I wasn’t about to let that happen after Jahzara. Imagine relationship on the back burner x2. NOPE NOT MINES! So we have tried hard to ensure we have us time more often and even more so I fight hard to have some me time but that’s a blog for another day.


So my partner and I went on a short weekend away, last month as a late anniversary present to ourselves. This was the FIRST time we have both been away, together, without the kids for more than 24 hours. MAD! I was excited! It’s was SO needed.


Here are 5 things we experienced whilst travelling without the kids:


1. We created new and unforgettable memories

2. Alone time, No distractions

3. The trip brought us closer together

4. New discoveries

5. Got to see another side of one another


I won’t elaborate as the above is self explanatory, but using created new and unforgettable memories for an example, I could say “pink flamingo” to my partner and we will laugh about it. That’s one of our unforgettable memories that no one will quite understand or laugh at but us.


There were a few things that we did which, I think made the experience much better, these were:


1.       Staying off of social media:

This is in regards to posting what we were doing. I found that this helped us to enjoy what we were doing even more, rather than pausing to share with the world what we were up to.


2.       We didn’t plan a thing:

This was great because it made the whole experience relaxed and spontaneous. There were no “we have to go here at this time then after that we must do that and go there”. It was just… “do you want to do this? Ok cool let’s go”. As it was the first time we have both been to this location, we worked together to search for places and find activities to do.


3.       The main focus was time spent together:

It was our first time away together without the kids. It was also the weekend and you know how quick that goes. So we made sure that the time spent was 100% quality.


I think since our trip, although we were fine, it has definitely brought us closer together, I think this is always a plus because I personally think there are no limits in how close you can get in your relationship.


I can definitely admit that it can be hard to separate parenthood and the relationship, at times. There are also loads of stages in childrearing which force everything else to be put on the backburner until further notice, unfortunately your union can be one of them.


However, in order to prevent harboured emotions erupting, losing connection and interest, arguments, misunderstandings, lack of communication and so many other things that prevent relationships from growing, it is primary that your partner and yourself ensure that you let each other know where you are emotionally and mentally. Easier said that done, and I am no relationship guru, please please but I will say do what you can where you can, in order to ensure that you are both in the know of how you both feel or else things can get real dark, real quickly, For example, my partner is petty and I’m real fiery and put that together on a bad day and it’s long to be honest lol.

…..And when the time is right, even if it’s just a night in a hotel in another city. Arrange some time just for you both. It’s vital. Parenting is strenuous on both parts and working together is key rather than working against.


What happens when you water your plants regularly? And what happens when you don’t?


And on that note.. I will drop my mic and leave it right there.


Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes, you don’t have to have a love interest to show love and gratitude to another.


Until next time…

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