Podcast: Me & My Postnatal Depression

Sharing my experience was not something I wanted to do because of the fear of being judged. However, getting over the guilt of having Postnatal Depression was apart of my healing process which is why I ultimately decided to share my experience with it. I spoke up about my Postnatal Depression late last year. Please click the link if you have not read as yet.

I found that being open in previous posts had lead other mothers and women to speak to me and I learned very quickly that a lot of us have been suffering with the same or similar feelings but too ashamed, afraid or confused as to why they feel this way to share with others or seek help.

After my post, my friend who hosts a podcast called LoveLaidBare reached out to me and asked me to feature on her blog to expand on my story. When she asked, everything inside of me screamed “NO” because although I’m an extrovert in my comfort zones I am very much an introvert when it comes to doing something new and let’s say exposed. After a discussion or two, I agreed to the idea and haven’t regretted it since.

LoveLaidBare is a space where people can share their experiences, whether it be their struggles, failures or successes.

The podcast, itself, was recorded in December and as I listen back I am astounded as how much growth and progress I have made within myself since then. I was still unhappy with myself, appearance wise and who I was as a person. Although, I am still a work in progress, it is nice to know that I am more at one with myself today compared to the latter part of last year.

I thought that last year I learned a lot but this year I am learning things I thought I cracked years ago but no no no I actually had no idea that I had been doing it all wrong. So there are areas in my life where I have literally had to start from scratch in order to become a better person for myself and a better mother to my children.

Anyway, let me not ramble for too long. Please see below the links for the podcast, which can be found on SoundCloud, iTunes & Spotify. Also see below the link to the LoveLaidBare website in which you will find blogs and links to other diverse and interesting topics.

Links to the Podcast

Listen on soundcloud:


Listen on iTunes:


Listen on Spotify:


LoveLaidBare Website

Link to the site:


Link to the blog on the site:


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