My Self Care Month

Sooooooo hello hello and hello. It’s been a while hasn’t it? I believe my last post was the podcast I did with LoveLaidBare on Postnatal Depression, that was in April. So, it has most definitely been a minute. I’ll explain my absence in a little more detail in a future post but for now….. Let’s focus on the month I just had. I have found this year rather difficult so far and I came across this picture on instagram and decided to use it as a challenge by calling it Self Care June. Please see below:

So I posted this up on my instagram and invited others to join me, which was really fun. Also as a Mental Health First Aider at my workplace, I also brought it to the office, in order to get my fellow colleagues involved and to promote Self Care.

So here is a quick review of what I did during Self Care June, links are provided.

1. Watch a Tedx Talk and Be Inspired

I watched a Ted Talk on Self Love. One thing she touched on was the fact there was a moment in her life when she spent along time being a people pleaser and how she would put her happiness aside to be liked, seen as perfect or popular. That hit me differently because in the past year I’ve learnt that that is what I’ve been doing for so long and not even realising it. I am not so much like this now because since I have realised this, over time I am less and less available to distribute my energy like that. Overall, it was a good talk and she touched on ensuring that if you cannot love yourself efficiently there is no way you will be able to love another in the right way. Another she spoke about, in regards to the topic, is that if you wish to embark on a Self Love journey it will vbe alone, and extremely hard but worth it.  You have to help yourself.

I’ve left the link of my Tedx Talk if you wanted to watch it:

2. Drink at least 2 litres of water

I usually up to 3 litres a day so this wouldn’t have been a strenuous task for me at all. However, on this particular day I was extremely complacent, so I think I made it to 1.5 litres which is a monstrosity within itself.

3. Create a new morning routine

My morning routine is rather solid to be honest, especially that I had recently added prayer and meditation in the morning before getting out of bed. I thought about how my morning routine could be tweaked and I added not touching my phone until I wasd completely dressed or out of the house. A bad habit of mine at times is picking up my phone first thing, replying to messages or looking through social media. And by the time you know it 30 minutes has passed and I can’t do my morning workout, and the kids are up and their breakfast isn’t prepared and my shower may have to be shorter than usual… Basically a snowball effect to a dreadful disorganised day.

4. Clean up social media feeds

I focussed mainly on instagram and twitter as those are the only social media platforms that I use. It was quite straightforward, straigtened up the inbox, profile and unfollowed a few unecessary accounts.

5. Stretch all muscles

The stretching videoI try to use at least once a week if I can. But most of the time I fail terribly. But when I do, I feel sooooooo good afterwards. I have added the link so you can refer to it if you want to. Please see below:

6. Do something creative

This one was difficult, I’m not good with coming up with creative thing things off the top of my head so quickly. Unfortunately, on this day, I was having a bad day but I was so determined to do every self care instruction through this month so I put together a creative way or ways to get through a bad time…..I mean I tried lol.

7. Do something new

On day 1, I watched a video on Self Love and I focussed mainly on how I am a people pleaser or putting someone else’s needs I front of my own alot of time. On this particular day, I made the decision that would affect another. But I had to put myself first in this because I would be spiting myself otherwise by continuing to let something happen that I am not comfortable nor happy with any longer.

8. Make yourself a Healthy meal

Lol Chef Dee didn’t go all out on the this one. It was really just simply chicken and veg…. Very Keto!

9. Practice Meditation

This is a great start to your morning or a great end to your night. Definitely something to add into your routine regardless of what time in the day you choose to do it. Please see below the link which is the meditation video I used. I prefer the guided meditation videos because if it’s just the soft music my mind becomes distracted and wanders off task. Please see below:

10. Do something you have been putting off

To be honest, I have a personal list of things I’m trying to practise everyday for my own sanity. But putting some baby clothes and toys on Shpock came to mind so I set some time to do that within the month.

11. Practice Yoga

I came home from work and the kids weren’t there so I practised this yoga video. Can I say it’s much harder than it looks but I loved it. Please see the link below to see the video I used.

12. Define what gives you stress

Lol so much!!! But if I had to pick one, it has been not getting enough sleep. My FitBit shows me that for the past few weeks, I have an average of 4-5 hours a night. With what I do on a daily basis that is not the one. So as that is one of my main stressors I have made it a priority that I get a good night’s rest, if I can help it anyway.

13. Clean out your email inbox

LOL I really wanted to skip this one. But as I am the example I continued. I only cleaned out my work emails. I am yet to do my others *eye roll*

14. Groom yourself

I attended a 60th Birthday party so getting ready for that was enough grooming. After hearing and seeing that red make up looks fabulous on dark ski, I decided to experiment with some red eye shadow. I also did own hair in box braids, which I have been doing since November, so I felt very fleeky. Please see a pic below to see my look for that night.

15. Make a gratitude list

At the end of this day I sat down and wrote down five things that I am grateful for:

1. I was able to get a decent amount of sleep last night

2. God chose me to be the mother of two gorgeous souls, that’s amazing.

3. I am more Self aware – I was feeling low and was able to assess myself and find out the reasons why instead of displacing my mood on to others.

4. I am thankful for life. God did not have to wake me up this morning.

5. All my bills are paid and there’s food in the fridge

16. Get rid of three things I don’t use

I found this actually quite hard because I had already had a few clear outs in my house but I got rid of:

⁃ Some apps on my phone I don’t use

⁃ Some contacts I don’t call

⁃ Some beauty products I don’t use

17. Be vegan/vergatarian for a day

I do meal prep for mon-thurs which was already prepared when I saw this day. So I left it until Friday where I had fish and steamed vegetables… mmmm very keto lol. I know it was nothing fancy due to laziness but hey I did it.

18. Create a new evening routine

Now that the kids have a firm bedtime where they will be asleep at the same time. I have added an hour or two of ME TIME before I go to bed. One thing I did on that particular week was indulge myself in an episode of Black Mirror every night.

19. Watch a documentary

I was meant to indulge in the Wu Tang Clan documentary ‘Of Mics & Men’ but I didn’t get around to it. Instead I watched the ‘When They See Us’ documentary with Oprah Winfrey. I won’t comment on it as I will go off track entirely and that will be a whole other blog within it self. If you want to watch the ‘When They See Us’ documentary, it is on Netflix.

20. Go for a walk

This is another task that is not an issue for me at all because I more or less walk everywhere. However, my dad came to visit on this day so the walk was non existent. I did go for the day after though.

21. Write down who needs to be forgiven

After thinking in depth, I need to forgive 5 people, one is myself and I am currently working on that.

22. Have a social media free day

This was easy for me and to be honest it was a very busy day so I was hardly on my phone anyway.

23. Have a long bath or shower

Ain’t gotta tell me twice…

24. Write a love letter to yourself

My love letter will be read to myself whenever I’m feeling low. I really took my time with this one, it was very encouraging.

25. Declutter a room or workspace

I chose my work locker.

26. Drink 5 cups of green tea

All I drink is green tea, peppermint and water lol so was no problem doing this. However, I only got through three on this day.

27. Say Positive Affirmations

My Positive Affirmations for this day were:

I am beautiful!

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

You’re doing an amazing job!

You are strong!

You are important!

28. Research an unfamiliar topic

So someone suggested that I read up about alligators. So boom five facts on alligators.

  1. Heard the term crocodile tears? Well they can actually cry. However the reason we use this term as it not being genuine tears is because crocodiles/alligators cry to clean and moisturise their eyes
  2.  An alligator will grow between 74-84 teeth in their life span but they hardly ever’t chew much because their teeth aren’t actually that sharp to bite into large mammals
  3.  Alligators gender is determined by the temperature of their nest when born
  4. Although alligators are bigger and post more of a threat than crocodiles, they are the less agressive out of the two
  5. Alligators prefer rivers and lakes than the sea whereas the crocodile adapt to sea water more than the alligator

29. Try a new physical exercise 

I have never done pilates so I did some pilates. Unfortunately, I dont have the Youtube video to share. I mean it was ok, but not really my thing.

30. Define some short term goals

So I made three for the next six months. Life goals, money goals and weight loss goals which are very achievable if I put my mind to it.

So yes, that was my Self Care month. It was great doing it and also doing it alongside others, which made it more fun. Last year, I really for the first time in my life realised how much Self Love and Self Care is important to your mental. Like seriously.

Thanks for reading….

Until Next Time…

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